A home away from home – Klay Pre Schools and Day Care

I am a working mom. I have been working all through the pregnancy as well as since the maternity break came to an end. Thus I understand the importance of playschool & daycare in a mother’s and child’s life.

My family has been super supportive and always there for me, thus I did not need to put little S in daycare. But she did start going to playschool ever since she was 2.5 and I see the difference in her confidence, her personality, her overall development & the hobbies she has developed.

Visit to Klay Pre School

Recently I got a chance to visit Klay. I got an insider’s view and got to understand the nitty gritty of how playschools & daycares operate. I was stunned & impressed by the school & here is a list of few things I loved about them.

  • A home away from home – It is not just something they claim, but I witnessed how caring the teachers & attendants were towards the kids, just like any family member would be. The food was healthy & hygienic just like homemade food.
  • Safety first – Keeping in mind that the age group they are dealing with, safety anyways should be any daycare & playschool’s first & foremost priority. And that’s what it is for Klay as well. I noticed that all doors of classrooms were transparent go give a full view to anyone as to what’s happening inside. The premise is completely baby proof & all toys, furniture and equipment are carefully chosen to ensure they are safe for kids.
  • Building stronger values – We all are usually worried about not just the education but the values our kids will learn when they go to daycare & playschool. I realized that the way they have designed their curriculum and activities, it helps kids learn good values & ethics too. That’s a great relief for any parent.
  • World class teacher training –They have a teacher training program to help anyone who wants to get into field of education do with a world class training & curriculum. I can only imagine the level of their own in-house teachers when they are ensuring such level of training being imparted.
  • Inclusive education – In collaboration with London Learning Centre, they have established multidisciplinary therapy center for kids with different needs. It’s high time we start having an inclusive environment in schools & daycares for special needs children & Klay has walked the talk by this step of theirs.
  • Brain boosting activities – They have collaborated with external learning agencies such as Cue Math &SaPa to develop mathematical as well as performing aptitude in kids. Now that’s putting them up for an overall development, isn’t it? 

I was honestly very impressed with the playschool & daycare. I wish all institutions that handle kids of any age group followed such levels of safety & care for kids.

HIV/AIDS – Awareness

Did you know there are 2.01 million people still in India who live with HIV/ AIDS, or that there are about 80,000 people who get infected every year? Not to mention the overall stigma & prejudice associated with the condition which marginalizes the infected and the lack of information that perpetuates all of these. 

A lot of people still aren’t aware that HIV is preventable, manageable and a lot of it is just to do with providing people the right information with sensitivity and tact at the right time!

Introducing IRA

IRA is a conversational platform where people can seek answers to their pressing HIV/AIDS queries. It was created to help people gain information about HIV and motivate people to manage HIV responsibly. It is a friendly platform and wants the world to be free of HIV.

IRA will be available on the yes4me website. Anyone with an internet connection can access IRA which makes it a powerful ally in the fight against HIV. Because of the stigma surrounding HIV, people can visit IRA from the security of their own home and seek answers to urgent questions without facing any of the discrimination that they would face anywhere else. With IRA by their side, millions of Indians will be able to find the right information at the right time and thus solve the root cause that perpetuates HIV.

Let’s join hands to make India HIV/AIDS free. You can reach IRA for all your questions from the link below.


Gestational Diabetes – How to take care

It was quite insightful when I recently attended a meet on Gestational Diabetes (GD) hosted by Momspresso. Featuring experts from the field, the session dwelled on GD and various aspects around it. Given the topic and the interest it has from people all around, here are some key takeaways from the session.

Key risk factors

  • Being overweight and Obesity
  • Family history
  • Age above 30

The rising awareness levels and the sedentary and unhealthy lifestyles we lead have resulted in doctors prescribing gestational diabetes (GD) tests for all pregnant women. The Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) is generally done at 24-28 weeks of pregnancy, but a lot of doctors advise this in almost in every month of pregnancy.

Gestational Diabetes

Complications that can arise during and after pregnancy:

  • Babies can be larger as compared to their gestational age
  • Increase in amniotic fluid
  • Prolonged and painful labor
  • Obstructed labor due to large babies
  • Possible need for a c-sec             
  • Chances of preeclampsia, which can result in smaller babies
  • In extreme cases, it can also cause foetal deaths
  • Possibility of infection post delivery
  • Heavy bleeding post delivery
  • Babies can grow to be obese and diabetic
  • Possibility of learning disability in kids as they grow
  • Increased risk og GD during second pregnancy and later in life

How can pregnant women and lactating mothers guard against GD

  • Lifestyle changes – This can be prevention as well as a cure. A balanced diet along with exercising regularly is a big help.
  • Self monitoring – Use a Glucometer to keep a regular check on sugar levels
  • Breastfeeding – A major recommendation for new moms

On a finishing note, doctor recommended medication as well as insulin is safe for pregnant and lactating moms.

Lastly, maintain a healthy lifestyle, with the right diet and exercise to stay away from GD.

Adding more than just bling

Jewellery is one of the most important accessories when it comes to dressing up and styling your favorite outfit. It is not just an extension of your look, but your mood and persona. And out of all the Jewellery pieces, my personal favourite is a necklace that doesn’t merely enhance the ensemble but adds an instant pop to your look. I recently got my hands on to this nice and trendy piece that I just couldn’t not have. And ever since, I have paired it with both with ethnic and western looks and it is quite a fit. The colours, elegant design and the fact that it goes well with any dress from my wardrobe, makes it magical. And the cherry on the cake is the price that it comes at.

Now, with all the different necklaces out there it can be hard to choose the right styles for you and just because something is trendy may not mean that you should own, but then why not.

Out of the stuff I selected from the website Precious You, my favourite is this necklace that goes amazingly with western and ethnic alike. The choker with druzy stones is what I was looking for quite long. The quality of the necklace is amazing and hasn’t worn out even after wearing a hundred times. Necklaces are a great way to refresh the existing clothes in your wardrobe and to make them feel new, and this one accentuates the look with a simple dress or a saree.

Now, I understand you may already have some necklaces in your collection, but then, is it ever enough?

Check out the website for a variety of necklaces and earrings to pep up your look and add some amazing jewellery to your collection.

Saree for all Seasons and Reasons

With wedding season around the corner, it is that time of the year when you want your wardrobe to be ready for a colleague’s cocktail or a wedding in the family. For some, this could be an exciting exercise and for others getting your favourite look or the lehenga and style could be quite hassled – what to buy, where to buy, how to accessorize it. All in all, the next couple of months present an opportunity to make your mark on the circuit by stepping out in your best ensembles. Whether you are one for traditional prints or fabrics or just someone who want the latest embellishments – designer saree is for one and all and it is a must-have in your fashion closet. The many different versions and avatars may make selecting the perfect saree, quite a task. Then comes the thing about draping styles, the right footwear, accessories and what not. Here are some tips that will go a long way in bringing the magic of saree alive.


Designer Saree is a dress for all occasions – Whether it is a Diwali party, a family get together, that special evening with your beloved or a wedding somewhere, explore new arrivals that can help you rock a saree look. The florals, sequins and heavy embellishments – oh and don’t get me started on fabrics… especially rich weaves and heavy, pure fabrics like brocades, Banarasi silks, Kanjeevarams and pure silks. It looks great for all occasions and ages and is versatile and classy. There are no constraints in terms of fabrics you choose.



Drape it right – Saree is the perfect wear, it is so versatile and the same 6 yards can be worn in so many different ways. I will give you some thumb rules.


  1. Pins for pleats – secure the pins vertically to keep the pleats in place perfectly. Don’t pin the pallu on the shoulder, only on the back and please, please go for coloured pins. as they will camouflage nicely with the saree.
  2. Get the right underskirt, something that defines your curves. Fishtail over A-line, any day.


You can check out some innovative saree draping styles here:



The right blouse – What is a saree with a mismatched, dull blouse? Styling up the attire a little bit with designer blouse adds to its charm. Choose from a sexy backless designer blouse or a hand-woven crochet one or maybe something with sequins. The right fit, size and design of a blouse have the superpower to make a simple saree look graceful and pep up the whole look for the occasion.

Check out – Transforming the 9 Yard Look with a Designer Blouse


The black saree – Keep calm and think black. It’s classy, sexy and the easiest, chicest, not to mention the safest way to get dressed for a party. The beauty of black lies in its timeless appeal, and the fact that you just can’t go wrong with it. My ultimate favourite is a classic black designer georgette saree with dashes of gold either in embellishments or embroidery, You can team it with the right shoes and statement earrings for a glamorous look this party season.

Nasal Congestion – Know before you act!

A good night sleep! For all of us, this implies the start of a great day. And if you don’t get it, the whole day gets spoilt. Now imagine a little child who is not getting a good night sleep, she is cranky, irritable and fidgety. Why? You’d ask and more often than not the reason is congestion. This is acuter in infants when they haven’t learned the art of breathing through the mouth, i.e. obligatory nose breathers. I remember when my daughter was little, there were times when she would seem uncomfortable while having trouble feeding and sleeping.


Now, while common cold is one of the major reasons for nasal congestion, often it can be attributed to allergies or a sinus infection. The main reasons for congestions are –

  1. Cold – It leads to the formation of thick mucus in the nose that inflames the inner lining of the nostrils. It results in a restricted flow of air into the nasal passages, leading to nasal congestion.
  2. Flu (Influenza) – It may seem like a common cold, but is often accompanied by high fever. The baby might also have a runny nose since the flu virus primarily targets nose, throat, and lungs.
  3. Sinus infection – It can be identified by a thick and dark coloured nasal discharge. When bacteria invade the sinus, they form surplus mucus, blocking the openings of the sinuses, leading to congestion
  4. Pollution & Irritants – Anything that can irritate the inside of the nose has the potential to trigger excessive secretion of mucus. Dry air can dry the mucus, which can harden causing difficulty in breathing.

Now, the reasons for nasal congestion may vary so does the extent. So, it is important for new parents especially to be informed and be able to identify and take the necessary steps to help their bundle of joy, who might be having a hard time with all the congestion. I’ll tell you from my experience that saline water or drops are great! It naturally decongests baby’s stuffy nose and helps to make breathing easier. I always kept a bottle of Nasivion Saline Nasal Solution handy, just in case. I’d lay my kiddo on her back, put a few drops, then turn her around and lay her on her stomach to help the saline clear the mucus out. You could also give the baby a hot shower.

But remember, if the problem is acute or you see symptoms like blood in mucus or if the symptoms are visible for a longer duration, kindly see a doctor who will prescribe the right medication for a blocked nose and the underlying condition that is causing it.

Directions to use Nasivion – (consult your paediatrician before using the product)

  • for 0-1 years : Nasivion®Mini 0.01% Nose Drops – Up to the age of 4 weeks, instill 1 drop of the solution into each nostril 2-3 times per day. From the 5th week of life until the age of 1 year, instill 1-2 drops into each nostril 2-3 times per day or as directed by the physician.
  • for 1-6 years : Nasivion® Child 0.025% Nose Drops – 1-2 drops into each nostril 2-3 times per day or as directed by the physician.

To know more about Nasivion, please visit website – click here

To read and know more about nasal congestion, do read and view these:

Nasivion, Nasal Congestion, Nasivion for Nasal Congestion

While using any product, consult your paediatrician before using it.

The Shape of Fashion: Body Shapers

What makes a perfect dress – colour, fabric, design or the fit – easy answer is a combination of all this. But you have to go for one most important element, it has to be the fit. Not for nothing, we have phrases like ‘tailor-made’ and ‘cut out for you’ as part of our daily vocabulary. Now, we can all go and get something that is designed per our body type, but what if we can make our body fit into that perfect dress. Or maybe for that one particular evening when you want to just look the best. Well, trouble no, as body shapers do just that. They can be worn underneath your attire and ensure that each dress you wear seems like it has been cut out for you. But the magic is in selecting the right body shaper (Click here).

Before I share some tips with you on how to go about selecting the best shapewear for you, remember, your body has natural curves no matter your size or figure. The right shapewear can go a long way in accentuating that.

Go with your size

Do not try to size yourself down for extra firmness or appear slimmer. It not only causes bulges and discomfort but can go against the very idea of shapewear and make you look bigger. The best is to visit a store or order online, see what fits you, sit down walk around and make sure you feel comfortable.

Know the areas                

We all know parts of our body that need special attention and care. These areas generally are the abdomen, hips, thighs, rear and there is something for everyone available at stores as well as online. I personally like Zivame as it provides me with multiple options but also a great shopping experience.

  • High-Waist it

    A lot of experts will tell you that high-waist skirts and shorts styles guarantee a smooth line all the way up your torso. Look for versions that go up to the bra line. There are also options that hook onto your bra so they won’t slip down. I recently wanted something similar and just went to Zivame and found their High-waist thigh shaper for full abdomen, thighs & rear shaping. It has been a great experience.

  • Toning your legs

    The biggest problem here is the emergence of another layer, which could cause seams to show through your clothes. Spanx In-Power Line Super Shaping Sheers have compression zones that shape the tummy, thighs, and rear while offering the seamless and sleek sheer you get from a regular pair of tights.

  • All over shape in

    The full body option is popular because it creates a head-to-toe streamlined shape, saving you the trouble of finding a separate top and bottom pieces that work.

The occasion and the duration

This would largely dictate your choice of shapewear. How long you are going to wear it, what attire are you wearing and for what occasion? The climate also plays a major role in this choice, the thumb rule is put comfort first. Shapewear is conventionally made of nylon and spandex, both synthetic fabrics. They are great in colder climates, but given the weather in India, it makes you more prone to sweat. Fortunately, several brands sell summer shapewear, lighter versions of their original products designed with breathability in mind.

So the best shapewear is what suits your needs, and fit the purpose you desire. Depending on what area of the body you are looking to target, there are different pieces of shapewear that work best for each area of the body. Below you can find what shapewear type would be the best for you depending on your target area.

Read more about the types of shapewear here.

Love thy Bling!

Jewellery has been part of the Indian culture for centuries altogether. From the early days of civilization, it features in conversations related to art, designs, trade as well as gifting. While initial designs were mostly necklaces, headbands and bracelets, over the years Jewellery in India has undergone socio-cultural influences to be an integral part of the Indian lifestyle. Metal, especially gold and silver have always been considered pious and essential. It also finds mention in important literature. It has for ages been known to signify style and wealth. Kings and emperors have created gold jewellery artifacts that are national and international marvels. Certain royal families have known to be so particular about gold jewellery that they restricted its wearing to only royalty.

While the rules from that period don’t exist anymore, the craze for gold Jewellery is still there. It might relate to each individual differently, but I think I say for almost every woman that we do like a bit of bling. For example, even at home, I like tiny earrings and bracelets, but my mother has a thing for bangles and my mother in law (MIL) has an affinity for necklaces. It is part of our conversations, our festivals and ceremonies, our relationships and often a part of our savings and investments. Fun fact –  I have heard someone say that Indian women together own more gold than some countries put together. No wonder, the sheer number of jewellery markets, malls we have and not to forget the special occasions dedicated to the purchase of gold jewellery or as I like to call it ‘license to shop’.

Let me share a funny story – I had just got married to my boyfriend of 6 years and his mother, my MIL was in town. Now she is normally a quiet shopper and doesn’t have too many opinions to give when we are out shopping. So this one time, we went shopping for gold jewellery. My bf/now husband had forewarned me about MIL’s affinity with gold shopping and boy was there a change. Once we were at the store, she knew exactly what she wanted, she enquired like a seasoned shopper and it has been just like that every time I have been out gold shopping with her.

However, purchasing gold jewellery can be tiresome with so many markets, so many designs and so many factors that go along with the buying process and don’t even get me started on the alignment of timetables for gold shopping. But I have found a reasonable alternative, I tried Homeshop18 (here) recently to pick up a pair of earrings for my cousin’s birthday and I can say it simplifhttp://www.homeshop18.com/gold-jewellery-store/ied the whole purchase process. The sheer variety of designs, ease of shortlisting and doing this all from your phone or computer just made it so convenient. I proceeded to select a few designs and shared links with a couple of friends (gold buying is a group exercise ) for their feedback. Once the design was finalized, it was payment time and with several options available it was quite a seamless exercise. What’s more they even have an EMI option to ease out full payments upfront.

Do visit Homeshop18 and have a look at the extensive collection of jewellery they have on offer.

Read Dos and don’ts of buying gold jewellery.

Any queries regarding buying gold jewellery online? Read this link.

Father’s Day Gifting Ideas

With Fathers Day just around the corner came the sudden idea of indulging in some DIY at home with my daughter to make something special for Daddy. It’s always a task for a non-crafty person like me to tickle my thinking skills for something creative. However, we as a team, i.e. me and my daughter were leading in the enthusiasm department to make something nice for daddy. Thanks to our loving daughter Sarah, we have a day to acknowledge the most valuable person in our family, her father.

We thought of adding a bit of our personal element to our gifts this year. We didn’t only go for DIYs, so I have some ideas for moms like me, who barely pass in the creativity department!

First came up with a card which involved googled ideas but a lot of patience from my side as giving paints to a toddler even with supervised aid isn’t the best idea :/
However clumsy the outcome was they were much appreciated by daddy dearest as he’s well aware of how handicap I’m in such departments. He’s the winner when it comes to surprises, gifts, and creative ideas.


Framed Card with Handprints

Best Daddy Ever…Hands Down…Unquestionably

But hand printing is not our set game. We did this last year and learned it the hard way when this clumsy outcome was also in our 4-5th attempt. Getting handprints of my energy ball was no easy game so I settled for this and couldn’t use the same sheet, so very smartly cut out this and pasted on another bright background sheet.

Daddy and Baby Footprints

Following in Daddy’s shoes forever. Daddy’s forever darling..

It didn’t come very pretty but not bad for a non-crafty mommy’s first attempt.

Surprise meant we couldn’t tell daddy what we are up to so instead if his footprint we took his shoes and colouring the base took the print on a sheet. Next, we chose our baby’s shoes to print on top of it. Nothing stands clearer than black and I guess the combinations worked.

PS: A suggestion we used sports shoes and it didn’t look that great, I guess normal office wear formal shoe would have left a better print.

Tshirt Paint

I took a t-shirt of Sarah when she was a newborn. I had saved it because we were emotionally attached to it, and didn’t want to give it away. What better idea to save it than to paint it for Papa.  We used fabric paints in dark and bold colours to make them stand out.

Next, I have something for moms who can’t do DIY or don’t have the time to plan and execute!

Personalized T-shirts for kids

Pack your kid in a cute t-shirt that says Papa’s Favourite and send her/ him to your husband to spend the day with :D, kidding! Kids wearing a tee that says they love their Papa is such a sweet gesture. I got this cute tee from Zeezeezoo. The t-shirt is a great fit and comfortable cotton stretchable fabric, perfect for summers.

Essentials for men

Off late my love for natural products has been growing and the first thing we bought for Daddy was an essential kit for papa by Mamaearth, minus all the chemicals and loaded with all the natural goodness and love for him. The Power Papa Pack has 4 products specially formulated for men using toxin-free ingredients: Oil Control Facewash, After Shave Lotion, Beard and Hair Oil, and Energizing Shampoo and Bodywash. I’m excited to know how he’ll like them. Some pampering goodies for him!

Spa Voucher

This is something he doesn’t know about, and I hope he doesn’t read this blog for 2 more days 😀 Have bought him a coupon for a Swedish Spa (sounds fancy to me), and hopefully, that’ll be an experience he’ll never forget (no pun intended 😉 ). After all, it’s a decent spa I considered after taking reviews and suggestions from friends – Blue Terra Spa.

Still 2 days to go Mommy! Hurry up and plan a surprise for dearest Daddy, shower him with gifts and make him feel appreciated and pampered for the rock solid support he gives you! We love you Daddy yesterday, today, tomorrow & forever.

Mommies! Dress up and Dazzle

Are you a 30 something mom? Do you yearn to dress up, put on your heels and some makeup, let your hair loose, and bring out your A game for an outing? But the reality is that you are busy juggling your work, home, kids, their school activities and barely manage to go out of the house except for buying groceries and picking up kids. Wearing loose fitted tops (at times dear hubby’s) with jeans or a pyjama, oily hair in a messy bun, slippers (forget about makeup!) is what defines #momlife, well at times ☺. While this is me, you and a lot of other women around us; I have made a pact with myself – a promise to dress up, look good. So whenever I go out with my husband or my girlfriends, I put on my favorite Designer Dress and go dazzle. To shop similar dresses, click here.

I’m sure you want to do the same, mommies – so, take my advice, go shopping and grab a few amazing dresses. Oh wait! Shopping with a baby? Check out these amazing options:

Formal Dinner Date with Hubby

This is where sexy meets classy, this dress won’t let your post-baby belly show. It lets you be comfortable while you have an amazing time out.

Don’t forget to put on some makeup. I have a very easy makeup tutorial that you can follow, in simple steps:

Easy Party Makeup

Go Party

A perfect black dress for a party in the club. A maxi dress is a must-have, the long slit on the side combined with off shoulder neck makes it suitable for a crazy party night.

Shopping with Girlfriends

Do some online shopping before you go for a day out with your friends, and buy the just right maxi dress for summers. The mustard yellow maxi dress, paired with kohlapuris will make you look chic and enviable.

A must have Pink Dress

This pink dress with three-quarter sleeves should be there in every wardrobe. It is perfect for a party, dinner, formal meeting, day out at the mall or a play date.

Baby’s Day Out

Don’t feel dull when you’re alone at home and drowned in work. Take your baby, strap him into the car seat, or book a cab and take him or her to a play area and meet your friends. Make the trip short (about 1-2 hours), but you’ll see how comfortable you start feeling going out with the baby. This comfortable cotton dress is just perfect for summers. Check out this kalamkari print A-line outfit, in breathable fabric, would make your baby comfortable while you carry or wear him or her.

Mommies, don’t let the responsibilities of being a mom burden you. Do not give up on that feeling of looking good, dressing up for an occasion. While you may have to deal with a million things, you can forget your dressing worries. We have thousands of designer dresses to choose from – something for every occasion.

Some tips to make it easy for you, to prep up for a party. Follow these skin care tips for an instant glow just before you get ready for the party:

How to make instant glow face pack before going to the party!